Certificate of Origin

A Certificate of Origin (often a abbreviated to C/O or COO) is document used in international trade. It is a printed form completed by exporter or it’s agent and certified by an issuing body, attesting that the goods in a particular shipment have been wholly produced manufactured or processed in a particular country. It is generally an integrally part of export document. Determining the Origin of product is important because it is key basis for applying tariff and other important criteria. The instrument establishes evidence on Origin of goods imported into any country.

There are two category of certificate of Origin

1) Preferential

2) Non-preferential

Chamber is authorized to issue Non-preferential “Certificate of Origin” to the exporters. Chamber has been efficiently providing this service to all its members at a nominal cost. The exporter seeking Certificates of Origin have to become the member of chambers (if already not) and execute an indemnity bond in favor of chamber before they can avail of this service for the first time. Exporter can get the Certificate of Origin signed by one of the authorized signature from the chamber for a nominal service charge Andhra chambers as brought service charges for each certificate from Rs.1000/- to 200/- to facilitate the exporters of new Andhra Pradesh state to avail the down services at a minimal cost.