About APChambers


Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry Federation (AP Chambers), a State-level industry body, represents the trade and industry of Andhra Pradesh with a membership of around 1,000 Corporate members and 60 affiliated associations totalling a membership of approximately 25,000. It is the largest industry body in the State of AP. The Federation is at the forefront to eagerly support and collaborate with the State and Central governments for the economic development of the State.

AP Chambers, established in 1999 as a chamber of commerce, presently represents the whole state of Andhra Pradesh. It is strategically located at Vijayawada, the hub of the State’s economic and political spectrum. AP Chambers has a three-tier membership, representing industry, trade and service. The Chambers has been relentlessly pursuing the agenda of identifying business opportunities and challenges, addressing critical issues with the single-minded focus of sustainable growth in the State. The Chambers has also been instrumental in influencing policy frameworks and changes.

AP Chambers provides a platform for interaction to address issues affecting the growth of businesses in the State. Various state-level and district-level associations/bodies/chambers are affiliated with AP Chambers.

Main activities of the Chambers:

1. Submitting representations to the State and Central governments on issues affecting commerce and industry.

2. Educating/bringing awareness to members on various State and Central laws and amendments.

3. Organising seminars, workshops and meetings for members with government officials and industry experts on vital issues.

4. Acting as a trade facilitation centre

The administration of the Chambers is handled by the Board of Directors and backed by a professional team headed by the President and other office-bearers. The Chambers constituted three zones, namely, Central, Visakhapatnam and Rayalaseema to better address the issues of each region. Each zone is headed by Vice President, Chairman and Vice Chairman for administrative convenience. The Board of Directors is also assisted by a string of state-level Committees on different subjects. All the members are encouraged to actively participate in the state-level committees of their interest to enable them to master the subjects and at the same time ensure that the Chambers always has able and experienced leaders to take care of the interests of the members. Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry Federation will always truly be of the members, by the members, and for the members.

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